Jul 24, 2011

Happy (early) birthday to Daddy!

Ryan's fav: The Whole Enchilada!

We got to meet up with Great-Grandma Marge and Grandma Cheryl! (We left without taking a whole group picture... Whoops!)

Jul 1, 2011

Caeden is 1 month old today!

Excited for the Freeway Series this weekend!

Tyler and Laura Templeton came to visit

Love from Great Grandma Shirley

Meeting Great Grandpa Dick

First Father's Day

Caeden's first trip to Eggs and Things

Our little burrito

First bath :)

Meeting cousin Mike

Great Grandma Ginny and Great Aunt Net

Chillin with KK

Meeting Great Grandma Ginny and Benny

Mike and Kristin

A little tummy time

Doug and Karissa came to visit :)

Jeff and Danielle French